Loyalty Card Programs

Should you be Loyalty Marketing?Are your customers truly loyal, or merely satisfied? There is a difference. You are fully capable of satisfying your customers. The Loyalty Smart Card program enhances your marketing initiatives by distinguishing you from your competition

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Auto Sales Events

Auto Sales Events have been the backbone of our company for several years. Although Loyalty Cards are coming on strong, it’s hard to not get excited about selling 25-45 cars in a day! Our client base is a Loyal one, because once you’ve tasted the R.O.I. of a Private Event it’s tough not to want more.

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Retention Consulting

Everyone has a method or a way to sell you more cars … right? There are a million closes, a thousand walk around techniques and even more ways to lay out a radio or newspaper ad. However, the one thing no one thinks of is this … it literally costs 50 times as much, and is far more difficult, to go out and

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… a Higher Success Rate

“We have dealt with Autothority for more than 7 years and with Auto Sales Events, you can customize your event based on the strength of your offer, and even tailor it to specifically targeted segments of your database.”

Tony Reed | General Manager | Sterling Honda
… Sets Them Apart

There are so many trying to do dealership marketing but have no experience. With Autothority, their whole roll out, and how their Auto Sales Events are run – this is what sets them apart versus something similar.

Mike Logan | General Sales Manager | Brantford Honda
… Always Come Through on What They Promised

Despite the downturn in the economy, the best Auto Sales Events was in March 2009 over the previous two years we’ve done them, which prove they work and provide results. Besides, who better to sell to than to a customer you already know, and who already knows your product?

Autothority has always provided the expected results and have always come through on what they’ve promised.”

Mark Eisan | General Manager | Toyota Town
… Translates into Dollars and Cents.

Auto Sales Events ultimately sparks interest in customers who perhaps weren’t necessarily thinking of making a purchasing decision about a new or pre-owned vehicle. It puts customers back into the marketplace, which is the biggest benefit…creating a marketplace within itself.

Autothority helps create additional opportunities within a competitive marketplace that ultimately translates into dollars and cents.

Shane Bolster | Director of Used Vehicle Operations | London Honda


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