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Loyalty Card Programs

Should you be Loyalty Marketing?Are your customers truly loyal, or merely satisfied? There is a difference. You are fully capable of satisfying your customers. The Loyalty Smart Card program enhances your marketing initiatives by distinguishing you from your competition and giving your customers a reason to return to you. Accumulating loyalty points from each service or parts transaction provides the
opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your dealership. Since they can only collect their points at your dealership, the likelihood is much greater that they will keep coming back to increase their points balance – and eventually redeem them towards their next vehicle purchase.

Satisfaction is no longer the acceptable standard of customer service.  Satisfaction is no longer the acceptable measurement of customer service success.  The standard and measure of success for the next millennium is loyal customers.
- Jeffrey Gitomer


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The Loyalty Smart Card System for the Automotive Industry

  • Each card contains a microchip that securely collects information, such as customer information, service activity, special event visits, and so on. Unlike magnetic strips, microchip-embedded cards require log-in access and are resistant to the presence of other magnets or magnetic strips. Furthermore, they are personalized with your customer’s information.
  • The information collected upon registration and subsequent activity at your dealership helps you to better plan your marketing initiatives, and improve your ability to target key customers, send service reminders, or measure the success of your automotive marketing campaigns.
  • Customers build points through parts & service transactions, and redeem them towards their next new or pre-owned vehicle purchase – bringing them back to you!
  • Your customers will each have their own personal web page – an excellent channel for them to monitor their activity, while providing you with a communication portal to target your promotions.
  • Robust tracking & measurement reports to measure the success of your campaigns
Loyalty Smart Card Toyota Example

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Give Yourself an Edge

Studies reveal that only 15% of a typical dealer’s customer base remains loyal to them after 5 years, loyalty becomes a key competitive advantage.


Loyalty Smart Card - Ford Example

A re-order sale is 100 times easier to get than a sale from an ad!

Loyalty Logistix provides a customer loyalty solution for the automotive industry that utilizes an electronic smart chip card.  It is backed by comprehensive marketing support by our Loyalty Logistix team.  Loyalty Logistix is a division of Autothority Inc., which specializes in helping dealers retain their existing customer base through private sales events, .lease renewal process, and loyalty programs.  Our motto is:  Your best customer is the one you already have.